PRESS RELEASE – Marketing Panacea Announces Solution Partnership with Nimble

Unique Social Business Platform Nimble Transforms the Way Companies Manage Relationships with Prospects to Win More New Business Faster. London, 15/10/2012 – Marketing Panacea has announced their solution partnership with Nimble. Nimble is a Social Business Platform that combines relationship management and social engagement into an affordable web-based solution. It integrates LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google, [...]

To be or not to be? That indeed is the question.

To be an online marketeer or remain a traditionalist. Neither is the simple answer, if you’re running a business that delivers solutions, services and products that require integration you need to deploy a mixture of both. Its the only way to succeed in today’s evermore competitive marketplace, especially so in the current economic climate.

Is Reddit the World’s most influential Website?

Launched in 2005, Reddit gets more than one billion page views each month and represents a new evolution in online communities. The site is bringing a higher order of organization to online content, which offers exciting collaborative potential.

Green Advertising – Let them know your Green Credentials

Research has shown that being more eco-friendly can have many positive effects on any type of business, which has led numerous companies to adopt greener practices and procedures in recent years.

Facebook Ad growth outpaces Search Marketing

Marketing budgets for Facebook advertising are growing at a more rapid rate than budgets for paid search, according to a recent global study of more than 100 billion Facebook ads served by Kenshoo Social. reported on the results of where social and search stand today. During Q4 of 2011, study respondents spent 109 percent