Marketing planning template

About Smart Insights

Our passion is helping marketers and business managers get more from digital marketing – to make the most of the great opportunities and avoid wasting time and money. We share Actionable Advice to help grow your business and your personal marketing skills.

How we can help you?

Our advice helps you develop a planned, strategic approach looking at the big picture first since many don’t have a strategy. We then drill down into the details to get the most from using the core digital marketing channels like site, SEO, PPC and Social media.

To help marketers make more of online marketing, we’ve created:

An active community – you can ask questions and share advice on whatever is bugging you, whether that’s challenges, future opportunties, tools, stats or suppliers. Our belief is that there’s no better resource than other people like you!

Best practice guides and templates – our Expert members up their game by using our resources to improve their digital marketing approaches.

Online training – our great value training and how-to screencasts enable you to learn how to improve your marketing expertise. What’s more you can influence them, let us know about the topics you want to hear about or be involved with.

Actionable advice – review and improve results with our practical workbooks, templates and videos – all our content helps you map, plan and manage

Fact-based actions – we show how to use Google Analytics and the latest stats to make measurable improvements

Comprehensive and structured – 150 techniques joined up by the RACE framework – we keep to plain English do our best to limit jargon

Different ways to learn – Templates, Ebooks, Video courses and screencasts; we think it’s important that you can learn and apply new ideas your way

Great value – Everything on-demand, all year for less than the price of a training course

Marketing planning template