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To curate from the Internet’s best publishers and instantly add the full, rights-cleared content to one’s site while sharing on social media.

The minute I Scribit a great article from Inc. to my Facebook and Twitter accounts, visitors start streaming to my site, read the full article, and continue to “shop” around my site. What’s more once on my site they never need to leave!”

How It Works

Scribit makes it easy for You to find and post content from hundreds of publishers from right within a web browser.

It all starts with an initial setup that takes literally minutes on any marketing automation or content management platform. After that, using Scribit comes down to 3 easy steps after which you’ll see some spectacular results.

1 search and browse for content

search across millions of articles

You need to share frequently to maintain visibility in your fans’ social streams. Or maybe you need the perfect content for your email marketing campaign. You can find it all in Scribit.

We have millions of articles and premium content for you to choose from. With Scribit, you can search for something in particular, or you can browse by topic, by what’s new, by what others are posting and reading, or by content provider. Whatever content you might be looking for, we have it.

2 select your content

select content for your audience

Select articles and videos that will be the most interesting, informative, and relevant for your audience: your customers, prospects, and social followers.

You can select content right from the Discover screen, from a search, or you can save your search and select it later. Scribit can even alert you every day about what new content is available in your topics of interest.

3 post, share, and email

promote content on your website

Now take your selected content and send it out into all your content marketing channels: your website, social channels, and email.

Scribit lets brand marketers promote content in one or more channels in just a few clicks. The content you choose is automatically added to your website—and shared, tweeted, and emailed—all on the schedule of your editorial calendar. And when your customers click to read that content, they’ll come back to your website with your brand messaging and calls to action.

track increased engagement and conversions

You start driving results as soon as you post your first content through Scribit.

More quality content on your site means more interested customers spending more time on your site, being exposed to your brand and calls to action. Fans and followers, both new and old, will become more interested in what you have to say and share. You’ll see increased likes, shares and re-tweets. And customers who receive your emails, which are now packed full of interesting content, will open and click more frequently. And they will always be directed to your site giving you an opportunity to drive more business.

You’ll be able to see it all in your Scribit reports—and in the increase in your customer base..

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