What We Do

Available Solutions include but are not limited to helping you develop, implement and manage your; Marketing Strategy, Marketing Activity Plan, Digital Inbound Marketing Strategy.

Traditional Marketing Campaigns like Telemarketing and Appointment Setting and Developing your Corporate identity and branding.

Lead Generation – Inbound Marketing

Lead generation business development on steroids. We have unified the best of breed digital Inbound Marketing and old school traditional; Lead Generation & Telemarketing solutions to realise their full potential. By combining these two tried and tested methodologies we deliver results that are not only measurable but more importantly generate more sales and increase your revenues in these austere times. Learn More>>

Appointment Setting

Your sales people should be selling NOT prospecting! In business the sales team is your most important asset and more often than not the most expensive resource you have. They are busy, that’s great but busy doing what? Attending meetings with qualified prospects, or spending their valuable time trying to make appointments.

Using the latest Business Development techniques and Inbound Markeitng technology to deliver qualified appointments with key Decision Makers at your target prospects. Learn More>>

Sales and Marketing Automation tools

These solutions and tools have been specifically researched and sourced by Marketing Panacea to add value to our proposition and help you improve the efficiency of your Marketing function. We use some of these tools in house to deliver solutions that increase your revenues. Learn More>>

Virtual Marketing Manager

At Marketing Panacea we recognise that Small and Medium Enterprises are more often than not under resourced both in terms of manpower and time constraints to fully focus on their ever more critical sales and marketing activities. It’s precisely why we developed the Virtual Marketing Manager services. Learn More>>

Conference and Event Management

Marketing Panacea can take on and deliver your project in it’s entirety. After all, you probably have a limited amount of time and a plethora of other activities to be getting on with. Learn More>>

Video Marketing

Video News programs, promotional videos, product demonstration videos, training videos, induction videos, video testimonials, video profiles, video websites, qr code video launching and video flyers.

Our aim is to make companies like yours aware of the many benefits afforded by online video, here’s just a few ideas that you may want to consider and they’re a lot more competitive than you may have thought. Learn More>>

Special Offers

Business Development Lead Generation packages. These Inbound Marketing and Social Media Marketing packages have been specifically designed to help you maximise your Return On Investment. Learn More>>

Email Marketing

Develop, initiate and track your campaigns by utilising E-mail to promote your business. Send regular newsletters, special offers and service your customers. Help is at hand to draft the most effective email copy and then monitor the open rates, click through, set up auto responders and other advanced services. Learn More>>

Website Design

What makes a Website that stands out? This depends on what your business is about and what your commercial aims are but on the whole the fundamental questions are:

• Authoritative – Above all are you delivering real value, will your prospects come back time and again
• Look and feel – Does it consistently reflect the value of your business
• Content – Is the info relevant, constantly updated, educational and effective.
• Usability – Is it easy to navigate, can prospects find what they need, are you driving them to take the right type of action
• Optimised – Can your prospects find you, do they know you even exist.

If you’re looking for a site review / update or a brand new presence please get in touch. Learn More>>

Social Media Marketing

Researching and Authoring relevant and authoritative blogs, posting on Website and streams. Management of and posting to Social Media accounts like Twitter and LinkedIn and posting to groups. Learn More>>

Marketing Strategy

Do you have a well thought out Marketing Plan that you not only stick to but measure your performance against. Learn More>>

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