Appointment Setting – qualified appointments with key Decision Makers

What do you need to achieve today?

  • Introduce your solutions and services to more prospects
  • Get in front of more Decision Makers to close more sales
  • Nurture leads to improve your closing rate
  • Research your market space
  • Generate more leads
  • Outsource the telemarketing function to reduce cost

Your sales people should be selling NOT prospecting! In business the sales team is your most important asset and more often than not the most expensive resource you have. They are busy, great but busy doing what? Are they attending meetings with qualified DMCs, or spending their valuable time trying to make appointments.

Research indicates that over 60% of the time spent by most Senior Sales Individuals is spent on prospecting for clients. The average base salary of these is £ 40K PA, the cost of prospecting to your business is £24,000, £2,000 per month or over £80 per hour!

Using the latest Inbound Marketing Lead Generation and Outbound Marketing Appointment Setting techniques this cost can be reduced to below £ 30 per hour. That’s a saving of over 65%.

Marketing Panacea deliver two levels of Meeting Maker service

Introductory Meetings 3 meetings @ £ 375 / 5 meetings @ 593 /10 meetings @ 1125
Introductory Meetings

Qualified Meetings – 3 meetings @ £ 450 / 5 meetings @ 712 /10 meetings @ £ 1350
Qualified Meetings


Lead generation and market research for the Technology sector utilising a range of innovative Inbound and Outbound B2B marketing solutions which result in companies strategically driving performance and consistently achieving results.

B2B Telemarketing is a powerful route to market used by a huge range of organisations. Used intelligently in conjunction with digital and other direct channels, telemarketing has become more effective than ever. As part of an integrated, multi channel approach, high quality telemarketing has a multiplier effect, driving up conversion rates to levels that simply can’t be matched by any other means.

In almost any B2B sales process, at some stage a conversation with the prospect has to take place. At Marketing Panace we make that contact as effective as possible – working with us means that you have the best experts in this specialist field on your team. We specialise in not just finding quick wins for you, but also creating and nurturing long term opportunities.


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