Your Video programs produced from only £ 499.

Our services include:

    • Filming in High Definition (HD)
    • Professional Newsreaders
    • Branded Virtual News Studio
    • Editing and Titling
    • Hosting and Streaming
    • Play in your Reception Areas
    • Stream on your Websites
    • Upload to Social Media Sites
    • Email to Staff, Clients & Prospects


Why Video Marketing?

What do you need to achieve today?

Video News programs, promotional videos, product demonstration videos, training videos, induction videos, video testimonials, video profiles, video websites, qr code video launching and video flyers.

Our aim is to make companies like yours aware of the many benefits afforded by online video, here’s just a few ideas that you may want to consider

Firstly we can turn your corporate newsletter into a highly impactful Video News program that will be presented by a professional tv newsreader. Your news program can be emailed to your clients, prospects, staff and stakeholders, streamed on your website, uploaded to your social media platforms and even looped in your reception areas.

We can produce highly affordable promotional videos to build your brand, promote your products and improve your website rankings. In particular we can produce product videos that immediately increase sales both online and instore.

This years Internet Retailer Conference revealed that online product videos can boost sales conversion by 25 percent or more! What difference would that make to your bottom line!

To help the sales process still further we can capture the enthusiasm your clients have for your products and services in highly persuasive video testimonials that can positively influence any prospect and dispel any lingering doubts.

And online video doesn’t just increase sales it can dramatically decrease costs.

For example our video training company replaces repetitive, classroom-based training with video-based, online learning; complete with multiple choice timed assessment tests, electronic note taking, downloadable study aids, delegate tracking, feedback and real-time audit trails. Delegates no longer need to travel, training can be done in their own time and at their own pace, and the costs of training facilities and resources are greatly reduced. Most importantly once the video-based learning programs have been produced they can be used again and again at no extra costs.

The same applies to the induction process, your new employees can meet your management team, tour your facilities and undertake mandatory training simply by watching online videos from their home or desk. Again your cost savings will be immense.

And why not put a human face on your company with impressive video profiles of you and your staff, that will strengthen client relationships, build your individual personal brands and help you develop your social networks. These video profiles can be a simple presentation to camera or a full scale interview with celebrity interviewers like Ruby Wax.

Once you have sufficient video collateral we can build your online corporate tv channel, which can regularly broadcast news to your industry, promote and sell your products and services, train your employees and clients, introduce your staff, induct your new starters and build a sizeable community of potential customers.

And finally… we can present new and exciting video-based products and services such as these Video Flyers, the perfect fusion of video and print, that will impress your clients and give you a distinct competitive edge.

These are just some of the online tv solutions on offer but the online video industry is evolving at a breakneck pace.

That’s why we keep our clients, prospects, and partners informed of all the important developments in this industry with a highly informative videonewsletter which you can subscribe to using the button above .

With almost 27 million people in the UK watching online video every month; search engines prioritising video-rich websites; executives stating a preference to receive information in a video format; and videos dramatically increasing online sales it is no wonder that more and more UK companies are realizing the need to increase their use of online video.

And the Marketing Panacea team are here to help, delivering some of the most cost effective, creative and innovative online video services in the UK, at the right price with a cast of highly professional newsreaders and tv presenters.

Well that’s a brief summary of our activities, but you can watch more detailed videos on each service, meet our other presenters, view sample videos, receive invaluable advice and catch up on industry news by accessing the many videos on this website.

But before you start exploring the site, take a few seconds to complete the enquiry form and let us know which of these services might be of interest to you.

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